Mens Dance Shoes


Some people claim that the art of dance was configured as a facet of natural selection. It is a means of setting your individuality and personal needs as a secondary concern in favor of a collective identity’s needs.

Dance was an important cultural characteristic of the earliest human civilizations, as it kept ancient tribes strongly united and empowered through the ties of their own cultural achievements and history; instead of this group being a collection of individuals, the group itself had one identity, each individual person merely a part of the whole. Dance reminded them of the importance of their group, which was of greater value than any single person.

Dance has always been a significantly important part of every culture and this fact remains true today. While it’s no longer necessarily a survival mechanism, it is an artistic form of self-expression that encourages social interaction. When most people think about dance they imagine a ballerina in her early twenties, ridiculously thin, in a pink leotard, dancing alone. This generalization is incredibly misleading; in fact, people of all ages, female and male, can dance, whether for fun in their living room, in a club with their friends, or professionally on a brightly lit stage. Men’s dance, though underrated in modern society, has always been a very honorable and respectable pastime.

Mens Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom dancing became most famous during the Renaissance Period (16th century Europe) and during the Victorian Era (1800s in England). While it may seem to be an overly formal and outdated method of dance, it remains to be very popular even today, particularly in the field of competitive dancing.

A specific pair of men’s ballroom dance shoes, costing originally $129 (and as low as $70 when on sale) are made of 100% butter-soft leather with suede ballroom soles. This shoe isn’t just about looking good though–it was built for flexibility with a non-slip sole design. If you ever have the problem of sore feet after a night of dancing, then these are the shoes for you; your comfort is guaranteed. They take a few wears to break in, but most customers are very pleased with these shoes, calling them “extremely comfortable and light.” These men’s ballroom dance shoes can be worn for hours and hours without any discomfort.Though they’re called “man’s ballroom dance shoes,” these shoes can be worn for Latin, Salsa, or any other type of dancing, and comes in nearly every size.

The price range for men’s ballroom dance shoes runs anywhere from $30 used to over $200 new. The average price for a good, dependable shoe is between $80 – $100. While this seems expensive, nice, comfortable dancing shoes are always worth the investment. These shoes can be purchased from numerous online websites. Comfortableness is a prime concern in popular brand names in men’s dances shoes, yet it’s always good to explore the versatility of brand options to find which particular seller may provide the best fit.

Mens Swing Dance Shoes

The active, fun, and alternative swing dance style developed with jazz music from 1920 to 1950, primarily in ethnic communities. It’s full of frequent movement, drive, is very enjoyable, and there’s quite a bit of…well, swinging! The first type of swing dancing to emerge in our Western pop culture is referred to as the Lindy Hop, which evolved in the 1920s. Other popular types of swing dancing include the West Coast Swing and the Jitterbug, the latter being commonly known amongst most non-dancers even in the contemporary world. These are all very fast-paced dances, ideal for anyone with high energy levels. Swing dancing is one of the best dancing workouts.

Men’s swing dance shoes cost anywhere from $40 – $130 brand new, the average pair costing around $75. One specific pair of men’s spectator swing shoes (costing $70) is built with a suede soul with a standard 1″ heel. These are made of all leather with a suede sole, and are available in all men’s shoe sizes. Rated by five people on, this product has five stars. The reviews brag that no break-in time was required for these great shoes, that they match any costume, and they fit perfectly. If you’re looking for high-quality dancing shoes at an affordable price, the best place to look for them is on for the best deals.

Mens Salsa Dance Shoes

The Salsa dance is considered to be one of the most passionate dances. Salsa dancing originated in Cuba during the 1930s as an integation of Spanish and African cultures, but it has become popular throughout North America, Europe, parts of Asia, the Middle East, and Australia; it is rapidly becoming a world-wide phenomenon.

Men’s salsa dance shoes cost anywhere from $40 – $100 new, the average pair costing around $75. The Mythique Men’s Tango Ballroom Salsa Latin Dance Shoes (by Federico), found on, are typically made of leather and come in black, although other materials (including fine suede, patent or genuine Argentine leather, lame, or villone, depending on the shoe style) and colors are available. These shoes are customized and handmade in Argentina Buenos Aires, and are suitable to wear for any type of ballroom dancing, including salsa. The company guarantees the materials for these shoes are only of the highest quality, and that these are high-quality shoes, stable and durable for long-term use. They are built with extra padding for maximum comfort. These shoes may take a little while to break-in, but once they’ve been worn well they will be an absolute pleasure to dance in.